Redefine the Retail Experience

Creating a dynamic in-store experience is key for giving visitors a reason to return. Innosonix amplifiers are designed to help you engage with customers on a whole new level, transforming rooms into welcoming spaces that inspire the mind and spark new conversations. Retail never sounded so good.

case study:
Browns fashion

Located in the heart of London’s Mayfair, Browns Fashion’s flagship boutique sits within a restored Grade II building rich in history and British elegance. The high-end store provides an immersive shopping experience by blending impeccable service with creative technology - and its customer base grows by the day.  

2B Heard, the Innosonix UK distributor, was approached by London-based integrator AT&C. The team there had been invited by Browns Fashion to assist in delivering a sound system for its flagship store.

The brief: The client approached us to design and install a fully networked, high-specification audio system in each room of the boutique. The brief was unambiguously clear: they wanted the best sound quality possible.

the challenge

It soon became apparent that striking a balance between sound coverage and the designers’ aesthetic expectations was no mean feat for the client. What’s more, the building is listed Grade II status - meaning nothing is allowed to touch the original structure.

The audio Solution

Based on positional drawings and initial acoustic predictions, 2B Heard specified a selection of K-array speakers to fit the extremely small physical spaces. Every one of the 26 individually Extron controlled zones (including the changing rooms) now has the same high level of sound quality from Browns’ own curated playlists. 

Distributing faultless audio simultaneously to multiple loudspeakers, and within a maze of discrete spaces, required a creative power amplification infrastructure. This was made possible by the Innosonix multi-channel amplifiers, two MA32/D models fitted the application perfectly. 

Our industry-leading onboard processing was then combined with the built-in Dante networking to ensure the overall signal chain between source and loudspeaker remained pristine.


ALAN Smith

AT&C Professional Systems

“We could have used 10U of rackspace but instead, we needed only 4U of rack space to deliver 64 discrete channels, with each and every channel individually controlled by on-board DSP. This gave us an elegantly simple solution.”

“In terms of aesthetics and answering the brief for our new flagship, Browns Brook Street, AT&C successfully delivered. We are also incredibly impressed with the audio quality and ease of use as well as the delivery of a flexible events sound system that allows for on and off-site DJ set up.”



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