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Based in Ahorn, Germany, Innosonix GmbH is on a mission to challenge the norm by bringing the most innovative audio technology to market.

Eschewing a family history rich in artisan woodworking within the neighbouring forests, founders Markus and Steffen Bätz are the first in their name to walk a different path.

The brothers have spent the last 15 years working alongside a dedicated team to develop multi-channel amplifiers that create unforgettable experiences. And this commitment lives on. Today, Innosonix continues to question convention, change what’s possible, and enable engineers to push their own boundaries.

Ready to unlock your audio potential? Explore the range here.

Explore the range here

Our team

My Favourite album
Periphery II
From Periphery

You wont believe how much this song supported me in building the hardware platform of our amplifiers

My Favourite album
Silence the world
From adept

Variation is always the key. Sometimes loud, sometimes melodic. But never boring.

My Favourite album
The fat of the land
From The prodigy

This exposed me to the world of electronic music and record production as a whole. It inspired me to make music.

My Favourite album
Endless Summer
From The Midnight

Perfect for chillin' with a cool drink after a hot day, or another intense bug-hunt deep induced code deep dive.

My Favourite album
From toto

As a drummer, I love classic rock music and rhythms. Good technique accentuation, variety and speed.

My Favourite album
Grüner Samt
From Marsimoto

After listening a hundred times to this album, I can still enjoy this masterpiece. Good music for an open mind.

My Favourite album
From avantasia

An incredible good mix of polyphonic, vocals theres nothing like first class singers and songwriters to motivate you.

My Favourite album
King of everything
From Jinjer

Metalcore, deathmetal, or something inbetween. Listening to it pushed me foward and feels like a power-up.

My Favourite album
Outlaw Anthems
From Blood For Blood

This album paved my way into the DIY/Hardcore scene.

My Favourite album
From Alligatoah

I like his unconventional, ironic way of criticising society.

My Favourite album
Die Toten Hosen
From Opium für‘s Volk

This is my favourite because I associate it with good times

My Favourite album
Into the Light
From Chris de Burgh

His music ranges from exciting to relaxing and always puts you in a good mood.

meet the team

Markus Batz

Ceo Hardware

Steffen Batz


Benedikt Rieter

Software, Full Stack

Vanessa Batz


Mattias Hartman

Hardware, Embedded

Johannes Muller

Hardware, embedded

Richard Van Nairn

International Sales Manager

Ande Hofmann

Software, Full Stack

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