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Detail is everything when creating unforgettable experiences for your guests. Innosonix is the pinnacle of audio technology for the hospitality sector, and we’re proud to serve up the best multi-channel amplifiers on the market.

Amplify every whisper. Captivate everyone in the room. And experience sound in a way you never thought possible with the Innosonix Maxx Series.

Hear the difference with Innosonix

  • Hotels: Upgrade the ambiance of lobbies, bars, restaurants, and guest rooms with our immersive sonic technology.
  • Restaurants and bars: Create a welcoming space for guests to enjoy their meals with a side of flawless sound.
  • Event spaces: Give guests a night to remember with seamless audio - whether it’s a wedding, conference, or live performance.
  • Resorts and spas: Offer a serene environment for your guests with background music to soothe the body and mind.
  • Multi-zone audio: Tailor the audio setup to your venue’s unique layout and acoustics for evenly distributed sound in every corner.

  • Energy efficiency: Reduce your idle power consumption and make impactful running cost savings with the auto-standby feature.

  • Next level quality: Immerse your guests in the moment with high-fidelity audio that leaves a lasting impression.

Case Study: The Maine, Mayfair

Occupying three floors of a Georgian townhouse in Mayfair’s Hanover Square, The Maine is where classic British elegance and modern extravagance collide. The brasserie is loved by many for its excellent food and service in a building that has maintained its historic flair. But that’s not all. It has also become the best jazz venue in Mayfair - offering an atmosphere like no other.

The brief
The Maine required a premium quality sound system on all three floors of its restaurant. The goal? To create an immersive yet unobtrusive ambience, similar to a private nightclub, for its guests.

the challenge

For the focal brasserie dining space, the client had firm plans for a high SPL and intimate central live performance space.

But creating a high-quality audio system with minimal visual presence was proving to be a major challenge. With our integral and extensive processing, Innosonix was the obvious choice to break this barrier. 

The audio Solution

Our team of engineers got quick to work on creating a system that could allow for a wide SPL performance. During the day, the system needs to play background music for a low key ambience. For the evening, however, the music takes centre stage - playing an integral role in the restaurant experience. It was therefore crucial for the technicians to be able to take full control of the system to adjust the sound as and when they needed. 

The Innosonix multiple layers of limiting provided the protection we needed. Using the flexible input and output routing we sent back out the processed audio to the Dante network to feed other Dante enabled devices.


shaun Wilson

Director, KNEKTD

“I’m extremely pleased with the system, it’s performing exactly as I would have expected and I’m super happy with the end product.”

"It’s all about the environment. I’ve really enjoyed working with Joey and I’m really proud to have been part of helping to fulfil his highly imaginative dream. He’s loving the system and it’s working well.”

shaun Wilson

Director, KNEKTD

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CEO / Creative IT

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CEO / Creative IT

Use MaxRemote and MaxControl to further enhance

We are continually actioning customer feedback and adding new features to MAXX Control, MAXX Remote and idfm

    Web Interface for controlling a single Innosonix DSP 
    multichannel amplifier
    A Completely new experience of audio control
  • IDFM
    Manage, maintain and update all your innosonix devices

Amplify your audio to new heights

Maxx Remote and Maxx Control streamline your workflow, reducing the need for excess gear and allowing for cost-effective installations.

Monitor your Innosonix device remotely with a WEB GUI and have access to your DSP from anywhere in the world.
MAXX Remote
Manage multiple devices using a workbench offline preparation server, which can be externally controlled.
Maintain and update all your Innosonix amplifiers to ensure they’re always performing at their best.

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