Digital Multi-Channel Amplifiers

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We are Innosonix GmbH, the trusted pioneers of sonic technology. Our mission is simple: to redefine the future of multi-channel amplification and exceed all expectations.

Tune in to reduce your energy consumption and minimise rack space, whilst providing sound quality like you’ve never heard before.
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space-saving without compromise

The more advanced a sound system, the more equipment involved. When it comes to large installations, server racks crammed with amplifiers are a barrier many industries continue to face.

At Innosonix, we’re developing space-saving audio devices that provide unparalleled sound quality.The result? Minimal disruption, and maximum performance.

  • Unrivalled Audio Quality
    Once you experience sound in its purest form, you’ll never go back. Our amplifiers ensure that every detail of your audio is heard with total precision.

  • Energy efficiency
    Innosonix has heard the global need for cleaner technology. Reduce your idle power consumption by as much as 67% with our energy efficient systems.

  • Versatile meets performance
    From large entertainment spaces to immersive applications, our amplifiers adapt seamlessly to any environment.


Revolutionary technology from Germany

Innosonix GMBH was founded in 2019 by CEO Markus Bätz and CFO Steffen Bätz with the highly focused goal of developing future-oriented audio devices with no aspect of compromise.
Our team of specialists are forward-thinking engineers who are as passionate about music and audio quality as they are about groundbreaking technology advancements and manufacturing principles.

create an Immersive environment

A good amplifier is vital to a sound system for several reasons. It amplifies weak audio signals from sources like microphones and instruments, ensuring they're audible in large venues or noisy environments. By providing the necessary power, it enables speakers to accurately reproduce the audio signal at different volumes without distortion. This preservation of dynamic range allows for nuanced and impactful sound. Impedance matching prevents inefficiencies and damage. Amplifiers offer control options for tailored sound. Overall, a quality amplifier enhances clarity, accuracy, and power in audio reproduction for an immersive experience.

Amplify your audio to new heights

Maxx Remote and Maxx Control streamline your workflow, reducing the need for excess gear and allowing for cost-effective installations.

Monitor your Innosonix device remotely with a WEB GUI and have access to your DSP from anywhere in the world.
MAXX Remote
Manage multiple devices using a workbench offline preparation server, which can be externally controlled.
Maintain and update all your Innosonix amplifiers to ensure they’re always performing at their best.

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