Home Automation with LOXONE and INNOSONIX

Home automation is a growing market with huge benefits for convenience and energy-efficiency.
In combination with LOXONE, Innosonix GmbH can be the perfect partner for your home automation projects.


Implement your multiroom- and multizone audio applications with maximum efficiency by combining LOXONE with Innosonix MAXX amplifiers. One MAXX amplifier can already take care of multiple rooms or areas and their specific audio setups, by handling up to 32 speakers and providing them each with their individual audio signals. Store the amplifier in a centralized hardware storage to remove additional noise or space requirements in other locations of your project. Seamlessly integrate LOXONE into your application without affecting your hardware setup, all speakers can be directly connected to the MAXX amplifier. LOXONE offers various types of interfaces to control the different zones’ inputs and audio configurations.


Used Hardware:

  • Innosonix MA16D²
  • Loxone Miniserver Compact
  • Loxone Touch Pure (Dinig Room)
  • Loxone Touch Pure Flex (Living Room)
  • Loxone Remote Air

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