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To mark the 10 years since the first generation of the Maxx series was released, we are proud to announce the release of firmware 3.21.0. When this now-discounted product range was available, features such as speaker detection, DSP, and FIR filters were additional extras. Firmware 3.21.0 will now enable our first-generation devices, MA32/D and MA32/LP, to have these features for free, improving the overall user experience and aligning with the current Maxx² series.

We owe a lot to the first generation of the Maxx series. It was pivotal in the development of our innovative approach to amplification design, which has enabled us to offer the large channel count solutions that Innosonix is now well known for. However, in terms of DSP, we always felt there was room for further development. The release of the second generation of the Maxx Series saw the launch of Maxx Control (our Web GUI) and Maxx Remote.

First-generation users still running on the V2 firmware (2.x.x) can also take advantage of Maxx Control and Maxx Remote for free by upgrading their MA32/D or MA32/LP devices from V2 to V3. The process for this is available in the downloads section of our website.

Image of Innosonix Digital Multi-Channel Amplifier and Module

For those first-gen users interested, we also offer an additional Dante hardware update for all MA32/D and MA32/LP devices. Feel free to contact Innosonix for more information.

Innosonix has always taken a path that differs from today’s world of planned obsolescence design. 10 years on from the launch of the Maxx Series and its flexible and upgradeable fully FPGA-based signal processing chain allows us to continue to support it long after it’s been discounted. That design ethos has been refined and developed into the 2nd generation of Maxx Series.

We look at our devices as tools that enable creativity for future generations to enjoy. By improving the DSP capability for our first generation of Maxx Series users, we take another step in further helping bring them in line with our current offerings, which makes it easier for both ranges to coexist within the same installation. It’s our hope this firmware can breathe a new lease of life into these products that helped us build the foundations on which we grow today.

Firmware 3.21.0 is further evidence that Innosonix understands and appreciates the investment our customers make, and we will endeavour to ensure that investment continues to go a long way.

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